Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Main Heroes of PUNCH - A ROMANCE NOVEL

 Dirk Fontaine (Firebird) - Sexy and smart, Dirk is the kind of blue-eyed, blonde haired perfect male that men and women swoon over. Unfortunately he has no interest in having a personal life, or at least not one with any intimacy. It is not that he is a dark and driven vigilante, far from it. He reaches a point in his personal relationships where he pulls back, unable to commit to any intimacy or physical relations. After his parents died, he simply closed himself to any further relationships that weren't trivial and superficial. Something about Tim though left him feeling something he has not felt in a while, taking the young man under his wing just seemed natural and right. Even though it could go horribly wrong.

Tim Gamble (Kid Razor) - Dark eyes, dark hair and a dark cloud over him, Tim carries a chip on his shoulder with no real explanation of where it came from. When his parents are murdered, he feels guilty over the fact he suddenly feels alive for the first time; that getting revenge for their deaths is the first thing that gave him any direction.

General Jolli Roger - Earning the rank of General for her military service in the eighties, Jolli has a lot of secrets that she is not sharing. She rose through the ranks of the Army Green Berets and cross-trained with Navy SEALS until becoming an instructor herself. Eventually Jolli had enough of the army and shortly after Dirk's parents died, she took the job training Dirk. Remember, to sign up for the mailing list, just drop me a line!

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