Saturday, May 12, 2012

Black Flag's Pouches

What's in Black Flag's pouches? He recently revealed what he carries in this month's CAMPING MANIAC Magazine. - Ontario Knife RAT-7 D2 Steel - Mission Knives MPK10 (Titanium) - Brunton Tag-A-Long Compass - Butane Lighter (with Marilyn Monroe on it) - Strike Force flint and steel - 10 ft of parachute cord - First Aid Kit (in ziplock bag) which contains butterfly sutures, 1 inch safety tape, one roll of gauze, 1 tube antibiotic ointment - Spare Socks, extra shoelaces - Dollar store winter gloves - HotHands hand warmer pads (disposal) - Iodine (for water purification) - Toothbrush - Multivitamins - fishing line with hooks (in matchbox)

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